Check Out These Stories of Singing Without Limits:

“Katti Powell is bar-none, hands-down, one of the very best voice teachers out there. I’ve been singing for 23 years, and have had several teachers over the years, from NYC to LA. Many of my teachers have been good, but I learned more in one lesson with Katti than I did several months with other teachers.” Read More

“…I’m really not sure where I would be without you. You have given me such confidence in so many areas and have given me the skills to take my performing to the next level…” Read More

“…I had the honor of working with Katti right before the Talent Quest National Competition. In only a few short lessons she had me miles above where I started out. Her methods help you stretch your range while keeping your vocal health. She continuously helped me get better each time we met… “Read More

“Now that I have had that hour session I know how to overcome my straining and relax my throat when singing up high. The way Katti teaches, the illustrations she gives, and the exercises she uses help me to understand in a way I’d never thought about before…Knowing how quickly she fixed my problem, I feel extremely confident that she would be able to help anyone else…” Read More

“Katti…helped me realize that my voice will always be there, and I just need to trust that it knows what to do. The biggest change was our work with how forward my belt is going. I had learned how to do it before, but something wasn’t clicking for me to keep it forward. Katti listened to my fear about having true power in my voice and allowed me to have a safe place to start the work to let myself be heard. I ended up belting a note I had tried to… belt for 10 years! “Read More

“I had absolutely no clue how to belt before beginning… not only improved my belting voice but my legit and mix voices as well… I was constantly challenged to not only make great vocal sounds but to interpret and truly understand the words I was singing and the stories I was trying to convey.  The more lessons I took the more my confidence as a singer and an all-around performer grew. Katti coached me for many auditions, one of which…” Read More

“…I decided to take Katti along while recording my second album. She helped me with pronunciation and my voice placement. I think it made a huge difference in the quality of the vocals. She taught me so much about how to sing words, how to get those high notes out in a beautiful way and how to put a rich feel into the low ones. I think there is a gigantic difference in the way my voice sounds on my first album to my second…” Read More