Joanna’s Success Story

Katti Powell is an unforgettable voice instructor. I came to Katti when I was 18 years old because I wanted to improve my musical theatre sound. I had absolutely no clue how to belt before beginning The Powell Method and when I graduated from Circle in the Square Theatre School in New York City four years later, I was the top belter in my class. The Powell Method not only improved my belting voice but my legit and mix voices as well. Every lesson held something new and exciting. I was constantly challenged to not only make great vocal sounds but to interpret and truly understand the words I was singing and the stories I was trying to convey. The more lessons I took the more my confidence as a singer and an all around performer grew. Katti coached me for many auditions, one of which gained my acceptance into the prestigious Circle in the Square Theatre School. I have studied voice with many instructors in NYC and every one of them positively commented on the training I received through The Powell Method. My training through The Powell Method has allowed me to sing with tremendous range and in a great variety of styles without the slightest bit of damage to my vocal chords. The time I spent with Katti studying The Powell Method is invaluable and I carry its teaching with me as I pursue my career as a performer. I highly recommend her as an instructor for voices of all types and at any performance level!