Let seasoned vocal coach, Katti Powell, help you overcome your biggest vocal hurdles so you can win the contest, book the dream role, and Sing Without Limits. All you need is an internet connection and big goals!

    Welcome to Sing Without Limits
    Online Vocal Coaching!

    Hi! I’m Katti Powell and I’ve been the secret weapon of singers for nearly 20 years. I’m immensely passionate about arming singers to overcome their fears and insecurities and go on to achieve their biggest vocal goals ever.

    Sing Without Limits is built for the professional with big goals that seem just out of reach. Maybe you’ve been the eternal understudy and you’re ready to book the role. Maybe you’ve come in 2nd place in that contest every year and you KNOW you’re better than the singers who win. I know what it’s like to struggle with insecurity about this and I also know how to get you to the other side:  the side of unstoppable confidence and ability to achieve the results you want. It’s not easy, but it’s easier than what you’re experiencing right now, and way more rewarding. If you’re willing to do the work to get what you want, I’m the coach who can get you there. You may be traveling a lot, juggling multiple jobs, or working weird hours, but that’s why my studio is online. It’s made for you, your schedule, and your career. Get more info about what it looks like to work with me here.

    Beth’s Story: 2019 World Champion

    This POWERHOUSE first came to me looking to refine her competition strategy and finalize her song selection. Now she’s the 2019 WORLD CHAMPION. Read More

    Mikko’s Story: 2018 World Champion and USA Champion

    Mikko came to me hoping to find some way he could get through a 3-hour set of songs without losing his voice so he could start booking some wedding gigs. After going through a 5-session program with me, he not only achieved HIS goal, but he achieved MINE – he won a National Singing Contest. He then, 5 sessions later, won the International Singing Contest. Read More

  • FREEBIE: Song Choice That WORKS


    In my work with singers, the most common frustration they come to me with is SONG CHOICE.

    We all know that the songs you pick can make or break the success of your performance. That's A LOT of pressure! So how do you minimize the stress of it all and make sure to pick the very best option?

    When I work with singers, I take them through a process I like to call "creating your artist profile." Once you get SUPER CLEAR on a few key elements that are unique to YOU (and to the event you're selecting it for), then it's just about narrowing it all down.

    And I've created a handy little workbook to help you create your very own artist profile to help you identify the very best songs for you.

    You want it?

    Click the image below and plug in your email to get the download! And be sure to let me know how it helped!

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