Jennifer’s Success Story

Katti Powell is bar-none, hands-down one of the very best voice teachers out there. I’ve been singing for 23 years, and have had several teachers over the years, from NYC to LA.

Many of my teachers have been good, but I learned more in one lesson with Katti than I did several months with other teachers. Why? I think it’s because she’s not only a talented singer herself with great range and ability to sing anything, she knows how to TEACH it. She approaches everything from an acting perspective as well as a technical/anatomical perspective. Because she’s been in the business for years, she’s acquired a plethora of tools and analogies to key into how to use this very mysterious and elusive thing called the voice. The other thing that’s wonderful about Katti is there is no ego. She’s not in competition with you – she teaches because it is her passion, not because she has to. I’ve never met another voice teacher like her. Whether you want to sing choral music or on the radio, this chick can get you there.