Elyza’s Gimme An Hour Results

What struggle in your singing caused you to have an hour lesson with Katti Powell?

I struggled with using my belt to its full potential, and sing without thinking about singing.

Did you make any new discoveries in your hour? 

Katti’s warm ups were fun and I didn’t mind doing them at all! She also helped me realize that my voice will always be there, and I just need to trust that it knows what to do.

What changed for you in your hour? 

The biggest change was our work with how forward my belt is going. I had learned how to do it before, but something wasn’t clicking for me to keep it forward. Katti listened to my fear about having true power in my voice and allowed me to have a safe place to start the work to let myself be heard. I ended up belting a note I had tried to take from a mix to a belt for 10 years!

Do you feel any better about your abilities to overcome the vocal struggle you presented in your hour? 

I feel so excited about the idea of getting on stage and just being present with the audience and emotions and let myself be heard.

Based on your experience during your hour, do you think working with Katti Powell would help you to achieve the voice/abilities you want? 

I am definitely going to keep working with Katti.

Based on your experience during your hour, would you recommend Katti Powell if you met someone in a similar struggle? Why or why not?

I would recommend Katti because not only just she really know what she’s doing and takes care to listen, but she’s also fun and lighthearted. After all, we sing better when we’re just enjoying ourselves in the moment!

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