Everything you know now has gotten you where you are. If you want to step into something bigger, you can’t do it with what has gotten you here. Every “next level” of your life will demand a different you and I’m here to help you develop the next-level you.

What lights my fire is working with singers who have big goals and the determination & drive to meet those goals, no matter how hard or scary the work might be. I am the doubt-slayer and the secret weapon to my clients and, as a result, they win international & national singing competitions, book dream roles in Broadway shows & regional theaters, and win crowns in pageants. If you have these goals in your singing and are looking for a coach to push you to the next level, here’s what I look for in a client:

My ideal client:

  • has big goals but has reached a wall in achieving the next level
  • is a go-getter who is committed to doing what it takes to achieve her goals and is unwilling to give up, and
  • has the funds (or has access to the funds) to invest in becoming her next-level self

I am passionate about results and I won’t even take on a client who I don’t believe I can help to get game-changing results quickly. I am not the coach for you if you:

  • make excuses instead of doing the work
  • blame others for your lack of achievement
  • are looking for freebies or training you can do on your own time without a commitment
  • have no vision for your singing career or you want opportunity to just fall into your lap, or
  • are unwilling to spend money to completely change your life

If you’re ready to take your singing career to the next level and start achieving the results you want (and some you may not have thought possible), let’s talk. When you click the link below, you’ll be asked a few questions about your singing and then you’ll see a link to schedule a time in my calendar for your Beat Out the Competition Strategy Session. Please only apply if you identify with the qualities mentioned about my ideal client.

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