Everything you know now has gotten you where you are. If you want to step into something bigger, you can’t do it with what has gotten you here. Every “next level” of your life will demand a different you and I’m here to help you develop the next-level you.

What I Do & Why I’m Different

I make sure my singers are SOLID in each of the 4 areas below, which builds so much confidence:
  • Technique
  • Connecting to the song
  • Individual style
  • Ideal song choice
BUT… Listen to this TRUTH:
You can have all the tools and tips and techniques in the world, but if YOU DON’T BELIEVE THAT YOU CAN DO IT, you won’t. 
The 5th component I work on with my singers is THE MOST IMPORTANT: MINDSET.
If your mind isn’t in a place that is available to receive the goal you have for yourself, NO AMOUNT OF TRAINING OR PREPARATION WILL GET YOU THERE. Training and preparation WILL boost your confidence, but it takes more than that.
My system will not only improve your skills, design the perfect strategy, and give you the clarity you need, but it’ll give you the confident mindset that your goal is already yours.

Learn more about what it looks like to work with me and apply HERE

Results You Can Expect

I know first-hand the consequences singers face when they feel ill-equipped to handle the demands of contemporary singing, auditioning, and competing. I make sure my singers:
  • Are able to sing as long and as loud as they need without experiencing pain, fatigue, or vocal damage.
  • Are able to meet the demands of any song that’s in front of them without feeling limited by range, vocal breaks, power, style, endurance, or stage presence.
  • Walk away with the ability to own their unique power on any stage, in any song, and at any gig with bold confidence and a clearly defined sense of self.

Work With Me

No Limits Academy

This sweet 12-month membership program to an amazing community of singers gives you access to all my training videos and a seat in a monthly online Workshop and monthly Master Class with me for a whole year. You also get to sing for my feedback once a week in my virtual practice room. 

Beat Out The Competition Boot Camp On Demand

Whether it’s winning a role, a contest, or a gig, wins aren’t achieved from talent alone. In Beat Out The Competition Boot Camp On Demand, you’ll learn — at your own pace — how to craft a solid strategy to take your next win, discover what songs you should be singing, develop the confidence of a winner, and SO much more.

No Limits Academy Junior 

No Limits Academy Junior is THE place for junior singers and performers to make their big vocal goals a reality. Join an amazing community and get a 12-month membership that includes live online classes 2x per month, an Anthology of training videos, one-on-one feedback, and so much more! Learn more about No Limits Academy Junior and enroll today!

Private Coaching

Apply to work with me to see if private coaching is right for you.

Are You Ready to Take Your Singing to the Next Level?

What lights my fire is working with singers who have big goals and the determination & drive to meet those goals, no matter how hard or scary the work might be. I am the doubt-slayer and the secret weapon to my clients and, as a result, they win international & national singing competitions, book dream roles in Broadway shows & regional theaters, and win crowns in pageants.
Just hear what my students have to say…
  • “Katti Powell is bar-none, hands-down, one of the very best voice teachers out there. I’ve been singing for 23 years, and have had several teachers over the years, from NYC to LA. Many of my teachers have been good, but I learned more in one lesson with Katti than I did several months with other teachers.”
  • “…I had the honor of working with Katti right before the Talent Quest National Competition. In only a few short lessons she had me miles above where I started out. Her methods help you stretch your range while keeping your vocal health. She continuously helped me get better each time we met… “
  • “Thank you Katti Powell for teaching me so much already!!! If you are looking for a Vocal teacher, Like I can’t recommend her enough!!”

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