Never ever. Never EVER ever. Okay, wait…there’s one exception: some people, no matter healthy they are vocally, lose their voices when they get sick. That has nothing to do with singing, so I don’t count that. I guess it would be slightly more accurate for me to say “How to not lose your voice when singing… like, ever”. Someone call my editor. What do you mean this is already posted? Sigh. Ok. Onward.

A lot of people don’t realize it’s a thing – that you can sing for hours on end and NOT lose your voice. I promise that’s not a superpower. And even if it was, I’m going to teach it to you and I’m pretty sure that’s not how superpowers work. Here’s the deal: singing just a couple songs and losing your voice should NOT be happening. THAT is not a thing. Further, if you have that experience and someone tells you it’s just part of singing and maybe you should rest, know you are talking to a lying liar who lies. They may not know they’re lying, but what they’re saying is an untruth that could cause their pants to catch fire immediately. So run. Wait. Come back, watch this video, THEN run.

In today’s Vocal Power Hour, I’m going to show you what you need to know to be able to sing until the cows come home without having to go on vocal rest. I’m not even sure where the cows went, but that’s their business and we stop singing when they get here. So.