Alicia Keys, if you’re reading this…

Did you know that thinks of you as an actress and a pianist before they think of you as a singer? That disturbs and offends me on your behalf and I’d REALLY like to help you fix that.

You are a gifted singer and songwriter who has been misguided by a voice teacher who is allowing you to damage your voice. I’m sure he’s wonderful otherwise. Really, I don’t know the guy and he might make a mean casserole and kill it at trivia. See, you aren’t just a brilliant singer and songwriter, but you also stand for some incredible causes and you have a huge following. Your platform is as immense as your talent, so it’s vital I reach you with this information. When you perform live, it pains me to see you struggle to get through even just one song without displaying vocal fatigue. Actually physically pains me. This is because I can’t stand to see singers struggle with something so damaging when I know I can help them permanently fix this problem.

I should introduce myself. Hi, I’m Katti, a contemporary vocal coach on a mission to help singers like you who are struggling with hoarseness, vocal fatigue, and constantly needing things like vocal rest, steroid shots, or the odd hot toddy, get the tools necessary to sing as loud as you want and as long as you want without feeling any pain. I take singers from hoarse to healthy. I’m the kind of coach that prevents voice loss permanently, only without compromising your singing style. Because what is the point of a healthy voice if you sound like someone else? My background is similar to that of your current coach, only I’ve learned to treat my classical background as just that – a background, a ground zero that allows me to advance to more difficult contemporary singing much easier.

This is not just fan mail, but an offer. A humble plea:  I would love one hour with you to clear up the misinformation you’ve received, and give you some tools that will help you to never, ever lose your voice again. I want to show you that you can sing every song on each of your many albums back-to-back all day long at full performance voice and never lose your voice or even feel the tiniest bit fatigued. I want to give you the confidence to go out there knowing you can kill it without worrying about saving your voice or anything else. I want you to never have to cancel a show, a recording session, or a speaking engagement. I want you to be able to Sing Without Limits. And all I need to help you do that is one hour of your time.

If you’re out there reading this, Alicia Keys, I’m starting a campaign to get to you. I’m recruiting everyone I know and everyone they know to help me have an hour with you. So, if you start seeing #HireMeAliciaKeys out there, it’s me doing the asking. One hour for a lifetime of your voice in its perfect form. What do you say?