American Idol is…Over?

Oh boy! American Idol is back, and I can’t wait to…what? What do you mean it’s over? Wow, I really HAVE been busy.

I’ve always been a pretty faithful Idol watcher. My coaching and website update took me a bit out of the loop this season, but I’m going to share my Idol recaps with you anyway. It doesn’t really matter if the winner was already announced; no spoilers can possibly prepare you for my reactions to this show.

I have…let’s call them “very strong opinions” about American Idol. They’re so strong, in fact, that I yell them (safely and healthily) at my television. I’m not just a fan, I’m a vocal coach. That means a lot of this show drives me absolutely bonkers. My recaps and reactions will likely include me hurling the following at my screen and you:

  • Criticism of the judges and their oblivious comments/bad advice
  • Praise to the contestants for sticking to their unique brand
  • How I’d coach these singers if given the chance
  • My predictions of who’s going home and why

This season may be over, but I have some pearls of wisdom to share with you. Subscribe to my blog and you’ll get to experience it with me as I watch this season for the first time!