Recovery Mondays – Exercise for Scary High Notes

Recovery Mondays – 3/6/2017

High Note Exercise – “Thing”

I love this exercise. It’s great for when you are somewhere you can’t be loud but you need to practice high notes or you need to warm up your upper range. Or if you are someone who is a little freaked out by high notes but wants to not be.

The reason this is great for quieter high notes and for when high notes feel scary, is that the back of the tongue and the soft palate touch, which seals off the ability for the sound to come out of the mouth, automatically making it quieter and less scary. It’s great because you can go through all the motions of making a big, huge, scary high note with your mouth and your body, but when the pitch actually comes out, it’s more like a trumpet with a mute inserted.

      \"Thing\" - Easier High Notes