American Idol is…Over?

Oh boy! American Idol is back, and I can’t wait to…what? What do you mean it’s over? Wow, I really HAVE been busy. I’ve always been a pretty faithful Idol watcher. My coaching and website update took me a bit out of the loop this season, but I’m going to share my Idol recaps with […]

Singing Superpowers

This powerhouse video demonstrates the technical abilities you can unlock by working with me, as I’m committed to offering you ALL the tools necessary to sing any type of song. I also provide customized one-on-one coaching so you can feel confident in any type of performing scenario. I call these tools your Singing Superpowers. Check it out […]

Jack’s Gimme An Hour Results

What struggle in your singing caused you to have an hour lesson with Katti Powell? I have always had a problem with my higher belting and so I hoped that this hour would help me with that. Did you make any new discoveries in your hour?  Yes, I learned a whole new way of opening […]