How do we meet online?

Technology is a miracle, that’s how. I use a platform that’s like Skype or Facetime. We both sign in to my online studio, and we can hear and see each other the whole time. We can also share files, write notes, watch videos, play recordings, etc. This means that it doesn’t matter where either of us happens to be at the time of our session! I mean…maybe don’t be in the shower, no matter how good you think you sound in there.

Can you really hear what I sound like online?

Yep. Remember that these are coaching sessions, not recording sessions in a studio. The program I use defaults to the highest audio quality possible and prioritizes audio quality over video quality. If you have a slow wifi connection, if your laptop battery is low, or if the weather happens to be an uncooperative torrential downpour, I may not be able to see you the whole time, but I’ll still be able to hear you as if we’re in the same room. I also use noise-cancelling earbuds to isolate your sound from any other noise that may be present.

How does payment work?

Payment is always made in advance at the time of registration on my website; you will be redirected to PayPal upon registration. If we are committing on the phone, I’ll take a credit card over the phone and process it while you’re on the phone.

I’m skeptical, is there a way to try it out first?

I would never ask you to commit to anything without confidently knowing what you’re getting into. Also, I don’t take on clients if I don’t believe I can get them results. Your results will depend on your willingness to do the work. Learn more about what it looks like to work with me here.

What if I can’t make it to my prepaid, scheduled session?

You can read all about my policies on cancellations, makeup sessions here.

I’ve lost my voice bunches of times, can you still help me, or am I a lost cause?

I can absolutely help you, and I recommend we get together sooner rather than later. It can be a lot of work to recover from vocal damage and to replace unhealthy habits with healthy ones. But if you are committed to doing the work required, you can recover from damage and go on singing without fear of ever losing your voice again. Ever.

Does singing healthy apply to genres like rock and pop? I don’t want to sound weird.

YES!! This is why I am in business and what I am most passionate about. I believe that healthy singing should NEVER compromise your style as a singer and that your singing style should never compromise your abilities to sing healthily. I can help you sound the way you want to sound without compromising your own vocal health. No one wants to sound weird, but everyone wants to be healthy. I’ve got you.

I’ve seen lots of videos on belting and they’re all different and pretty confusing. Why should I learn how to belt from you?

The main difference between the proper, healthy belting I teach and what you see/hear elsewhere is that proper, healthy belting is as precise, simple, and as repeatable as flipping a light switch. Once you’ve learned it, you will never wonder whether or not you are doing it correctly, and you will never have to re-learn how to do it. Healthy belting is powerful and can be done all day without any damage to the voice, plus it can be modified to be used with a variety of genres of singing.

Do I have to audition to work with you?

NO! Goodness, no. This is a huge pet peeve of mine. Any level of singer is qualified to work with me. With that, I do have a couple of requirements for singers that work with me one-on-one:  1) you must be a goal-driven singer with a hunger to improve, 2) you must be committed to doing the work between our sessions. Your progress hinges on your willingness to practice and make changes. If you can commit to those things, I can commit to you. Learn more about what it looks like to work with me here.