It’s okay, we’ve ALL done it. You’re new to this and you feel a little nervous, perhaps even insecure. You really want to make a good impression… but it’s taking FOREVER. You’ve tried everything you can think of make it happen – bolstering your confidence, digging deep, visualization – all the while hoping your inexperience goes unnoticed. I mean, it’s not like you’re not into what you’re doing. You are! It’s just that the big moment can be nerve wracking as you try not to think about your tension. You release a big, beautiful sound – maybe that will coax it out of you! And then… you’re holding on tightly with everything you have…oh God…it’s totally gonna happen! And then…NOPE.

So you fake it.


DON’T DO THIS to yourself. You deserve better, and taking the slower path will lead to more satisfying results, I promise.

I am talking about your vibrato, of course. You know. In your singing. Why, what were you thinking?

Funny thing is, there’s a lot of commonality between your vibrato and having an orgasm. Yep. You read that right. Curious? Watch the next episode of the Vocal Power Hour to learn more.