Vanessa’s Success Story

I am a singer/songwriter and I had been performing for several years before I met Katti. I decided to start taking voice lessons from her to help me improve overall. Wow what a difference! 

I had a lot more breath support and so much more control of my voice. Katti helped me learn where to place my voice when singing in all different ranges. I decided to take Katti along while recording my second album. She helped me with pronunciation and my voice placement. I think it made a huge difference in the quality of the vocals. She taught me so much about how to sing words, how to get those high notes out in a beautiful way and how to put a rich feel into the low ones. I think there is a gigantic difference in the way my voice sounds on my first album to my second. The techniques she taught me have left a lasting impression. I am so much more aware of how to use my voice and I thank Katti immensely for helping me to become a better performer.