Searching for Singers!


  • Feel sore and tired if you sing for too long?
  • Put yourself on vocal rest before a major gig or audition?
  • Mark during rehearsal to save your voice?
  • Lose your voice easily?
  • Use throat sprays and lozenges for relief during singing?
  • Miss out on work because your voice isn’t consistent?

What if I told you it’s possible to sing any genre of music without experiencing any of this. Would you believe me? What if I offered you a chance to learn how to do this – for free – would you take me up on it?

I’m Katti Powell, the Founder of Sing Without Limits, and almost 20 years ago, I damaged my voice so much that I had to quit my job as a singer so that I could heal. After about a year of vocal rest and lots of research, I was able to sing again. In rock bands. And belty musicals. And I never lost my voice ever again.

I’m obsessive about singing with style and passion and edge, only without it causing pain or a need to take a break. I believe that you should be able to sing as long as you want without ever compromising your style or your vocal health and I’m committed to helping singers achieve this.


6 professional or career-minded singers between the ages of 16 & 50 who:

  • answered yes to one or more of the above questions
  • are interested in learning how to overcome all these struggles, and
  • are committed to doing the work required to be healthy

The only cost to you is your commitment to completing the program and sharing your feedback.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in participating in, apply here and I’ll ask you a few questions and give you the specifics. I’ll be selecting 6 singers from the entries received.


NOTE: This study is only available to singers who have not worked with me before.