Erin’s Gimme An Hour Results

What struggle in your singing caused you to have an hour lesson with Katti Powell?

struggling with my technique and sound

Did you make any new discoveries in your hour? Please describe.

guidance on how to breathe and support a belt sound

What changed for you in your hour? Please describe.

what i was focusing on in how to support my sound better

Do you feel any better about your abilities to overcome the vocal struggle you presented in your hour? Please describe.

I feel a bit incomplete… i feel like we just barely scraped the surface and now im sort of confused about how i sing and how i should be singing cause i wasnt really getting the belt thing. ive been trying to practice it but i still feel pretty unsure.

Based on your experience during your hour, do you think working with Katti Powell would help you to achieve the voice/ablities you want? Please describe.

yes, i would love to continue to see if i can get this way of singing to work for me

Based on your experience during your hour, would you recommend Katti Powell if you met someone in a similar struggle? Why or why not?

yes, i would. i think she can be really helpful to people struggling to get a stronger and more powerful sound, based on what i have done with her so far.

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