I am… Katti POWER


And I couldn’t think of anything more PERFECT to change it to than “POWER”.

Almost exactly a year ago, I decided and declared out loud to a room of entrepreneurs that by this time this year, my name would be Katti Power.


In this season of my life, I’ve left behind a place of playing small in order to take back my POWER.

I’ve emPOWERed myself in ways I didn’t know I had in me.

I’ve shed the old and stepped into my own POWER. And I’m refusing to ever return to the old me.

Part of the old that I’m stepping away from is my name. Even though I can’t legally change it until everything is finalized in my personal life, I’m choosing to OWN IT AS MY NAME NOW.

And that, is POWER.

POWER is also a word that shows up in my work with my clients ALL THE TIME. The same work that I’ve done on myself the past year and a half is the work I do with my clients. It’s also what my book is about (for those of you who have asked).

I help singers, actors, speakers, and coaches step into their own POWER so they can achieve things they never thought possible.

And we don’t do it by playing small, we do it by operating from a place of POWER – even if that POWER has to first be created and developed.

I’m also going to be changing the name of my vocal method and the name of my teacher training program and the name of what my certified instructors are called – because I want us ALL to feel the POWER and not feel held back by the old that is no longer serving us.

No longer will I tolerate playing small – in myself OR in my clients. I intend to fully embody my new name in everything I do.