This vocal health intensive is for you if you’re ready to:

  • Stop missing out on income because your voice decided to go on strike.

  • Say goodbye to worrying about whether or not your high notes are going to show up for you.

  • Let go of the hot toddies, throat sprays, steroid shots, and other coping mechanisms for getting through another gig.

Are you ready to:

  • Sing powerfully as long and as loud as you want
  • Permanently eliminate vocal rest, feeling hoarse, and pain & strain
  • Access the full capacity of your vocal range
  • Rock high notes just as easily as you say your name
  • Master all the songs you’ve been to afraid to attempt


What You’ll Get:

  • 8 Week Vocal Health Intensive that begins as soon as you register so you can get healthy starting NOW
  • 5 modules covering everything you need to know, including:
    • creating a foundation
    • range
    • placement, and everything in between.
  • A workbook to:
    • Work through and crush your limiting beliefs
    • Build a vision with a plan you can stick to
    • Create the ideal environment for vocal health
    • Craft your unique vocal health ritual
  • Weekly online Master Class to:
    • ask questions
    • sing your song for feedback
    • get spot coaching
    • learn from other singers as they are coached
  • Vocal workouts & access to my sheet music and karaoke track library
  • 6 private online sessions with me
    • 1 for each of the 5 modules, PLUS
    • 1 bonus session

During this vocal health intensive, you’ll have my private email address and phone number as well as a private Facebook group so you can share successes, struggles, and get feedback, and so you’ll always have access to me.

Are you ready for this Vocal Health Intensive, “5 Steps to having Cords of Steel”?

I’m Ready

About Me

I am Katti Powell of Sing Without Limits Vocal Coaching and I help singers gain access to the voice of their dreams and say goodbye to limitations like hoarseness and vocal rest FOR GOOD.

I’ve been a singer my whole life. I used to have this nickname; it was, “Cords of Steel”. I got the name because I could sing so high, so loud, so low, so powerfully, so emotionally… and when I was done, I felt just as strong as I did before I started. I could sing opera one minute, classic rock the next, then finish with a 90s power ballad. I could walk into auditions and book a callback or the gig without batting an eye. I was on top of the world. I was told I had a gift.

And then one day, while I was the lead vocalist on a cruise ship on the other side of the world in Tahiti, my gift started to disappear, until one morning I awoke and there was nothing there at all. I was devastated. The doctor on board the ship put a scope down my throat and told me the scariest news of my life – I had developed polyps on my vocal cords.  I was terrified of losing my job, and even more terrified of losing my voice – permanently. I wasn’t sleeping, I wasn’t eating, and I wasn’t able to get through a 90-minute show without pain. My voice was my moneymaker – my everything – but ending my contract meant buying my own plane ticket home from Tahiti, buying the plane ticket for my replacement, and buying out the last few months of my contract. It also meant burning a bridge with this company and missing out on any future job opportunities with them.

But I knew the only chance I had of working in this industry again was to heal my voice, so I booked a flight home and put myself on vocal rest. I couldn’t afford a voice dr. so I embarked on a journey to figure out a) how I got myself into this mess, and b) how to avoid ever going back there again. Within a year of rest, research, and lots of changes, my Cords of Steel returned and I was back in the game! 18 years later, I can still sing any song from any genre without feeling the tiniest bit of pain or fatigue. I can sing as loud and as long as I want without any consequences whatsoever.

Because of my own success in healing my voice for good, I made a commitment to the universe that I would spend the rest of my life showing singers how to develop their own Cords of Steel so they could permanently avoid hoarseness and vocal rest, and 100% of my singers experience the same results as I have.

Are you ready for this Vocal Health Intensive, “5 Steps to having Cords of Steel”?

I’m Ready