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The SECRET To Unlimited Vocal Health™ for Singers, Actors, and Speakers

by Katti Power

"So many things just clicked for me, and I'm sure they will for you as well."
"Highly recommend this book if you want pristine vocal health. Katti is great at what she does. Don't sleep on this."
"...this is a real page turner. What you get is a true insight into what you MUST know, and that's the difference."

This Book Is For You If...

Vocal fatigue or voice loss prevents you from experiencing the life you desire

You feel tired after using your voice for an extended period of time

You feel tired after using your voice with more volume than is typical

Voice loss is more normal to you than a healthy voice

You have never experienced any signs of vocal fatigue or voice loss and you want to keep it that way

As humans, we tend to be on the lookout for shortcuts or quick fixes to our problems. Everyone who loses their voice goes on a mad dash to find the cure, the quick fix, the solution that will allow them to get back to life as usual because nobody has time to go on vocal rest.

Before I continue any further, this book is NOT about how to CURE voice loss and vocal fatigue. Rather, it’s about preventing voice loss and vocal fatigue from ever happening at all. There are no quick fixes for vocal damage; once the voice has been damaged, vocal rest (or surgery) is the only way to heal the damage. This fact is the reason I’m so hardcore about singers knowing how to prevent it in the first place.

Who Should Read This Book?


  • Sing as loud and as long as you want without any consequences 
  • Forget about recovery days between performances
  • Never turn down a gig or cancel a show because your voice isn’t there for you


  • Stand out, because you won’t have any of the limitations other actors come with
  • Stop sacrificing your own vocal health because you lack proper vocal training


  • Live up to a schedule that demands a lot from your voice
  • Have the confidence in knowing your voice will be there for you

I’ve put several free resources in here to supplement the reading so you can feel as supported as possible. You’ll also see a place in each “part” which I call the “Bullshit Breakdown.” It’s a section where I list a lot of false information you may have heard about singing, speaking, and vocal health, which is complete bullshit. Then, I explain why it’s bullshit rather than truth. Lastly, I’ll share some of my favorite vocal health tips.

To prevent voice loss FOR GOOD, you’ll learn my three-step system that must be mastered to achieve lasting results. Individually, each of these three steps is an excellent component of singing, but voice loss prevention will not be possible to achieve without a mastery of all three steps working together.

Another important note: the same three steps you master for your singing are required for your speaking voice too, or you’ll still be susceptible to voice loss. What you read in this book may surprise you, and it may even trigger you. I encourage you to remain open-minded; that is the best way to learn new habits.

Once you implement what you’ve read in this book, voice loss will no longer be a struggle for you. You’ll have uncovered THE SECRET.

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About The Author

Katti Power is a two-time world champion vocal coach, vocal health expert, speaker, and author of two international bestselling books – Never Lose Your Voice Again: The SECRET To Unlimited Vocal Health™ for Singers, Actors, and Speakers and Turns Out I’m HOT After All: How I Got My POWER Back After a Breakup (and how you can, too, no matter what’s happened in your life). She helps singers, actors, and speakers book roles and gigs, win competitions, overcome stage fright, and find a unique style that’s all their own, all without ever experiencing voice loss. She’s also the Founder of the POWER Academy of Master Coaches where she trains and certifies vocal coaches to teach her vocal method to clients of their own. She has been a sought-after judge for regional, national, and international talent competitions. She does the bulk of her coaching online from her home in Las Vegas, NV.

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