I Love Free Stuff.

Everyone loves free stuff. I also love giving you the best coaching available and some of it just HAPPENS to be completely free.

But why? Why would I give you free stuff when I could charge you EIGHT GAGILLION DOLLARS for my services?

Because I’m awesome.

AND because I’m extremely passionate about vocal health. It’s physically painful for me to watch singers lose their voices or struggle due to unhealthy technique. I’m sick and tired of yelling at my TV during singing contests, of venting to my husband after a concert, and seeing people struggle with healthy contemporary singing. If those singers had access to what my students receive from our weekly lessons, it would help. I just can’t sit back anymore and watch people struggle when there’s something I could do about it.

So, really, you’re helping me. If my giving you free lessons helps you AND saves me from screaming at the television like a crazyperson, we’re all winning here.

What my students are able to achieve in our weekly hour together is SO POWERFUL, and I want more people – people like you – to experience that power in your singing. If you decide you want to keep going and have a weekly coaching relationship with me, great. You’ll have already tried it out. If you don’t, that’s okay, too. It’s completely risk-free.

See. I told you I was awesome.

So…what’s the fine print?

Right, right. There is one catch. I have to know how to reach you in order to give you the free stuff.

Yeah. That’s the catch. You have to tell me where to send it. Ta da.

And what is all this free stuff anyway? How do I know I even WANT it?

Silly me. Of course you want to know what the free stuff is. Hint:  it isn’t a BaconWave. Sorry.

I have this weekly web series called the Vocal Power Hour which is like having a mini-voice lesson delivered straight to your email every single week. That’s only one of the free things, because part two of this weekly web series is a live, Q&A coaching call where you can call in and ask me anything you want. I’ll coach as many singers and field as many questions as I can get to in one hour. Every single week. Totally free.

Plus, if you sign up for that, you get exclusive access to this extremely cool thing I call my “Gimme An Hour Session“. This is where you give me your biggest, scariest vocal frustration and I give you an hour of coaching to get you through it. COMPLETELY FREE.

Think we can’t knock out that roadblock in one hour? Call me Barney Stinson because: CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.

Ok. What do I need to do?

The only thing you have to do besides show up, is give me your honest feedback on what you got out of your Gimme An Hour Session. I even give you a list of questions to answer so you don’t have to even think about what to say. Easy.

PS – the large majority of my students achieve the biggest results ever in their very first hour working with me. I’m about to give you that hour absolutely free.

So now you probably want to know how to sign up for said free stuff.

So demanding. Jeez!

Kidding! These are jokes. It happens. But these gifts are no joke. I cannot wait to give them to you! Just sign up below and you’ll be on your way to receiving the best coaching available to you – FOR FREE.

In case you missed that part.

Not convinced? That’s cool. I get it. Maybe hearing what these folks have to say will help you feel better about it. But just remember, we’re talking about free stuff here – you’re not signing your life away or committing to me with blood or anything scary like that.





About Me

Katti 2016 (28)

I’m an online pop/rock/R&B vocal coach who travels full-time w/my hubby. Think of me as a sort of “crossover” coach – I work with a lot of musical theatre actresses who want to riff like Christina or belt their faces off like Celine. I believe I was put on this earth to encourage, empower, and educate singers who want to leave their own unique mark on the music industry. I am a firm believer that style should never compromise good vocal health, and good vocal health should never ever compromise your own unique style. Ever. It is my mission to make sure that every singer that crosses my path has an arsenal of tools at her disposal that allow her to sound her best, feel her best, and leave her listeners begging for more.