Steve’s Story


My client, Steve Anderson, ASKED me if he could write a testimonial about his experience working with me.

Listen, his success story is an INCREDIBLE example of how powerful it can be to get coached, but SO IS THE FACT THAT HE NEEDED TO SHARE IT WITH ME (and you). 

Read this. Take it in. And if you want some of what he’s having, let’s talk. I’d love to support you. It’s what I do. 


“Where do I start?

I didn’t think much of vocal training when I first started with KWC. This was my first year; my big thing was to go and have beer while trying to sing. MAYBE I would make it to Vegas (fat chance!). Might not be an alcoholic, but I do enjoy me a good brewski before I go up to make a fool of myself.

One thing led to another, and somehow I stumbled into an opportunity to go to Las Vegas for the national championships, not only as a duet performer, but as a soloist. At the time, my wife Laura was utilizing Katti’s services, and improved her performances a TON, especially when it came to belting and better vocal control on the higher, more difficult notes. Katti was not only generous in her critiques of my local and state performances, but she offered me a quick crash course to ensure that my confidence going in was in top shape.

When I started these lessons, she wanted to concentrate on song choice, of course, but she also wanted to shore up my personal weaknesses so they wouldn’t hinder me on stage. What did I want to work on the most? What was it that held me back the most? It wasn’t pitch, it wasn’t belting, and it wasn’t how to tell a good story on stage.

It was confidence.

I’ve lacked confidence since I got out of the service. I suffer from service connected PTSD so bad that I refuse to get in front of a crowd, let alone BE in one. The only feasible way for me to do so was to have enough to drink so I got tipsy. At that point, I’d probably just be a one hit wonder and nobody would remember what I did.

Not only did I find new ways to utilize my breath, how to project, and how to do well on stage, but she was also phenomenal with instilling confidence I haven’t had in about 12-13 years. My voice was never as tired after her lessons (compared to when I would sing on my own), I could actually hit a few higher and previously unattainable notes I’d been trying to hit for years, and I found myself adding songs to my catalogue I never would’ve tried before.

Those things in themselves are awesome, but my favorite part came when I ended up in Vegas with the wife. During both of my solo pieces, Katti was on location and the first one backstage with me trying to keep me calm. It was a national championship, and I was doing karaoke for the first time ‘dry’. Every thought of ‘I don’t belong here’ or ‘I don’t deserve to be here’ went out the window as she sat next to me and got me psyched to go out and do what I could. She did the same thing for my wife.

The vocal direction she gives is top notch with no BS, and this alone would be enough for me to think about utilizing her services for the whole year. However, what really won me over was her genuine concern for my well-being, and an unwavering commitment to making sure that I had the confidence necessary to step onto a stage I’ve never been on with other talents that were out of this world. To me, this was what I was trying to do the whole time: not only giving a good live performance that people would remember, but to have the confidence and the authority to do it without drinking.

I did it. That was my goal, and I did it. There’s no way I could’ve done this without her instruction or her kindness not just as a teacher, but as a great friend.

I should’ve known she’d be great for me when she was working with Laura, but I had no idea how valuable being her student actually ended up being. If you’re lacking confidence, or nervous, or feel like you need that extra ‘oomph’ with your performances, I can’t stress this enough: SIGN UP WITH HER.

It was, and is, one of the best experiences I could give myself. You OWE it to yourself to make her your teacher. I didn’t even have her for a month, and I gained an insane amount of knowledge and confidence I haven’t been able to find on my own for thirteen years.”