Mikko’s Story: 2018 World Champion and USA Champion

Mikko came to me hoping to find some way he could get through a 3-hour set of songs without losing his voice so he could start booking some wedding gigs. After going through a 5-session program with me, he not only achieved HIS goal, but he achieved MINE – he won a National Singing Contest. He then, 5 sessions later, won the International Singing Contest.

Just to keep things in perspective, in LESS THAN A YEAR since we began working together, Mikko:

  • Gained the ability to sing for more than 3 hours at a time, feeling ZERO strain
  • Added a whole library of new songs to his list of songs he could now sing EFFORTLESSLY
  • Won a national singing contest
  • Won an international singing contest
  • Recorded his first album of original songs
  • Co-wrote and sold his first song to a major organization

This is the epitome of game-changing results. The work we did together LITERALLY CHANGED MIKKO’S GAME.

Hear it from Mikko: