To me, there is NOTHING better in this world than watching another woman achieve things with her voice that she never thought possible, and knowing I helped her do that.”

Hi! I’m Katti Powell

…of Sing Without Limits Vocal Coaching and I help singers ACHIEVE dreams that seem out of reach, instead of keeping them as dreams.

I started out as a performer and I’ve sung my whole life. I’ve always had a major competitive streak in me, so auditioning and competing were where I shined in my singing. I won vocal contests, scholarships, awards, major roles, gigs, competitions – you name it, if it was competitive in any way, I wanted to be part of it because I knew I could beat it. 

In high school, I took a job as a telemarketer and kept jobs like this most of the way through college so that I could develop a thick skin and learn how to manage rejection, knowing that a career in acting would include lots of rejection. In the process, I honed my competitive skills and became the top seller in every company I worked for. Armed with this experience, I was a powerhouse in an audition room. I had mastered the ability to present myself with confidence, beat out the competition without even fearing them, and book the gigs I wanted. You can’t win them all, and when I didn’t, I was also driven to to move on to my next “yes” rather than dwelling on the “no”.

As a coach, I customize each session to meet the biggest needs of the singers who hire me, but my passion is helping singers achieve bigger and better results, particularly in auditions, competitions, and pageants. Besides my competitive nature, I like this kind of coaching best because it utilizes all of my skills at once:  game-changing vocal technique, authentic acting, dynamic stage presence, winning strategy, efficient problem-solving, and competitive thinking.

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Katti’s Professional Bio

Katti Powell has helped singers achieve incredible results since 2001, and she’s just getting started. After a successful singing career, she answered the call to coach singers full time. She launched The Powell Method, as well as an Instructor Certification Program, in 2009 to teach her singing and coaching method all over the world. She works online with singers worldwide. Katti’s clients book Broadway musicals, get hired to front bands, and win international singing competitions. Katti attended Millikin University and is a graduate of the Musical Program at New York City’s Circle in the Square Theatre School.