To me, there is NOTHING better in this world than watching another woman achieve things with her voice that she never thought possible, and knowing I helped her do that.

My Mission

I believe I was put on this earth to encourage, empower, and educate singers who want to leave their own unique mark on the music industry. I am a firm believer that style should never compromise good vocal health, and good vocal health should never ever compromise your own unique style. Ever. It is my mission to make sure that every singer that crosses my path has an arsenal of tools at her disposal that allow her to sound her best, feel her best, and leave her listeners begging for more.

About ME!

Probably a lot like you, I’ve been singing my whole life. I knew at age 5 I wouldn’t be happy unless life involved singing in some capacity! I’ve always had a natural talent for singing, but learning technique didn’t come naturally for me at ALL! I worked super hard at it and learned that the only way I was able to see progress was if I was able to break down all the info I was given on my own, and then go through a bunch of rounds of trial and error to make sure I understood it to my core.

I started studying voice when I was 14 and, even though I got a ton of great knowledge and experience from it, all I learned was classical technique. When I went to college, I was a musical theatre major and again loved my instructor and learned so much, but we still only covered classical singing. It wasn’t until I went to an acting conservatory that I got something other than classical singing – two techniques which helped me grow exponentially as a singer, and which later helped me to master a variety of genres of singing, which in turn helped me to develop my singing method, The Powell Method.

Professionally, I got my start as an actress in musical theatre performing in musicals, cabaret acts, and themed revue shows all over the globe. When I was pounding the pavement in NYC as a young actress, unlike my friends, I LOVED auditioning. I loved the competitive nature of it and that, armed with the right tools, I could go in there and book the gig and leave everyone else in the dust. Even though I loved acting and theatre, my absolute favorite kinds of gigs were the kinds where I just got to sing my face off to a crowd of people.

In 2001, my deep passion for singing was greatly challenged by a persistent young girl named Brittani. She kept hearing me sing with a band and started asking me repeatedly to teach her how to sing like me. Eventually, I gave in and now I owe that girl my life. To me, there is NOTHING better in this world than watching another woman achieve things with her voice that she never thought possible, and knowing I helped her do that.

Fifteen years later, I’ve taught singers all over the globe and have trained & certified 7 instructors to teach The Powell Method to their own students. I work with professional singers and part-time professional singers who have big aspirations. My singers win national/international singing competitions, book Broadway musicals, and get hired to front bands in their area.  I help them with every step of the process, from song selection & perfection down to what they’re planning to wear, and all the competition strategy necessary to get the gig.

Katti is a graduate of the Musical Program at New York City’s Circle in the Square Theatre School and Millikin University.  She has been teaching private voice professionally since 2001 and launched The Powell Method Instructor Certification Program in 2009 as a way to duplicate her efforts.  Katti has studied and performed a wide variety of musical styles including classical, opera, musical theatre, gospel, pop, country, jazz, R&B, and rock.